Independent Stage 11 Trucks 144 Polished

Independent Stage 11 Trucks 144 Polished

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Stage 11 standard height trucks are unquestionably the best combination of features and geometry Independent has ever produced.

By improving the modern performance features and iconic look of our Stage 10 design with newly reworked geometry based on Independent Stages 5-7 Independent has created the new standard to which all other trucks will be judged.

New Stage 11s feature improved performance features like:
-Improved turning: turn into and out of things easier
-Improved stability on landings and at high speeds
-Less wheels bite
-Better overall grind clearance
-Improved 'No Hang-up' yoke
-Longer lasting
-Stronger on impact

Independent uses only the best materials: 356 T6 Aluminum Hangers and Baseplates, 4140 Chromoly Steel Axles, and Grade 8 Kingpins.
Every component has been carefully designed and tested to be responsive, lightweight, and ultra durable.
Independent trucks are Made In The USA and Guaranteed For Life – Accept No Substitutes.

Indy Trucks - #1 Choice of Professional Skateboarders Since 1978
HEIGHT 55.0 mm
AXLE 109 - 6.90 in
HANGER 109 - 109 mm
WEIGHT 109 - 315


139 For any stile Board 7.8"-8.2"

144 For any stile Board 8.2"-8.375"

149 For any stile Board 8.375"-8.6"

Η τιμή αφορά ζευγάρι

  • Τα Independent Trucks αποτελούν μεγάλο μέρος του skateboarding από το 1978.ιδρύθηκε από τους Fausto Vitello, Jay Shuirman, Kevin Thatcher και Rick Blackhart της Santa Cruz της Καλιφόρνια, και ήταν μία από τις τρεις μόνο εταιρείες στην αγορά skateboard truck. Η εταιρεία είναι σήμα κατατεθέν στο χώρο του skateboard.BUILT TO GRIND